Message from the Director General Message from the Director General

The oldest Ethiopian Roads Authority is a historic institution that has been passing it on through generations. The founders of the institution today: Officers who have contributed over the years; The participation of all hardworking and stakeholders is outstanding. Satisfying what is lacking and returning what time demands; Compared to the development of the sector in the world, the efforts made over the past two years are being successful, especially in the last two years. During the year, efforts were made to implement the plan for the fiscal year, focusing on two major projects.

Accordingly, the first is the ERA Institutional and Strategic Issues Project, which will be implemented based on the Competency Model of the institution, and the second is the implementation of the day-to-day operations of the work units. Emphasis has been placed on enhancing the overall implementation capacity of the institution in order to provide effective and efficient service to the community and stakeholders, especially at the sector and school level.

Internal and external consultative training and evaluation forums are becoming the basis for tangible changes that have been made so that everyone can understand these key philosophical foundations. In general, steps have been taken to improve the transparency and quality of road infrastructure pre-construction and to make it more technologically supported. Unusually, following the government's decision, efforts to integrate districts and sections with ERA were completed. Identifying the major challenges that have been hampering the work process, the contracted projects are being completed and commenced.

Reducing time and related costs in road construction, timely completion of completed projects, ensuring equitable distribution and access to roads, increasing maintenance capacity by focusing on road resource management, strengthening corridor transport and international connectivity, and reducing traffic accidents in the country. It still requires the coordination of multidisciplinary stakeholders. Challenges to the real challenge are still changing. While the country is in the process of instability, the road construction that requires stability and absolute peace will stop. The challenging border enforcement process is also time consuming; He throws the field into a vicious circle, pushing the cost of labor. The various limitations of trained manpower and contractors as well as consultants are further challenges.

These challenges require at least a steady effort to keep pace with the growing demand for our people's road infrastructure. The current corona epidemic is playing a role in the panic. Efforts to address the need for remedial and preventive measures are significant, but continue to be monitored and supported. The next chapter is bright for our country. ERA is being followed by a more efficient organization.

Decisions have also been made to ensure that the benefits of all workers are in line with the realities of the country. As the annual performance capacity and efficiency of the workforce is increasing, the budget allocated by the government is also expanding. I respectfully call on the entire leadership and staff to be more proactive in fulfilling this national trust and responsibility with greater efficiency and motivation.